the spillover

essentially unexplainably unique.


Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry. All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red.

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I didn’t want you
to only fuck me,
I wanted you to
love me.

But I didn’t know what to
convince you with
besides my body.
Hot Winds, Holy Thoughts | Lora Mathis (via lovequotesrus)

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I will never not laugh at this video

my dad’s been deployed to Afghanistan 4 times and he almost pissed himself laughing at this

My favorite vine in gif form. 

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Woke up too late to make a PB&J sandwich. Peanuts, raisins, and leftover cooked pasta from last night is basically the same thing right?

Being alone with my best friend. What could be better.

It’s nice to kind of just breathe ya know? #cui


i got a promotion today. im pretty fucking proud of myself. i think im gonna do a great job and am super grateful for the opportunity. The 60th is shaping up to be a great year!

My boy all growed up :’) haha no but for real. Josh, I’m so proud of you. I wish I could take a snapshot and show you now to you three years ago. I’m amazed by your dedication and persistence and just overall willingness to plug on and make the best of everything. You’re seriously an inspiration. I love you dearly!