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i’m going to buy the duck whistle from that duck dynasty show and move to anaheim and follow ryan kesler around and blow it every time he tries to speak

if he asks me what i’m doing i’ll say “keslurking” and eat a slice of pizza while staring at the camera like i’m on the office

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
When you post a selfie, I go "wow, I'm following someone who's really attractive. Nice"
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Daww :) you’re the best. I like you. Thanks :D


Testing out my new markers from Art Supply Warehouse #art #drawing #disney #matterhorn #mountain #prismacolor #artsupplywarehouse #artbyhowie #howiestark



do you ever just


that one of your friends

male or female

is like, really hot?

but not in a ‘damn i’d tap that’ kinda way

but in a

‘i made friends with someone who’s really attractive, nice’

I think about this a lot.

"It’s not that I’m not friends with ugly people… It’s just we don’t have a lot in common"

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this is my fucking favorite thing ever i love it so so so so much i cnt even explain its just s o goo d

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Damn Africa?
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Haha mean girls reference


Sometimes I get really depressed and think I’d just like to die, but then I find myself looking both ways before crossing the street and realize I must not want to die that badly after all.